Ministry Residency Program


Student debt is a problem that Denver Seminary is taking seriously. One of the way’s we’re doing that is through a new (2014) program called the Ministry Residency Program.

Imagine connecting a ministry with a future leader in a way that allows that student to get meaningful experience, graduate with less debt, and practice in the field of their passion.

In cooperation with front-range ministry partners, Denver Seminary has created a Ministry Residency Program where hand-selected student interns serve with ministries part-time, gaining practical, apprenticed learning experiences while advancing the vision and mission those organizations. Residents may serve with an organization for anywhere from 10-30 hours a week, and participating organizations support them through tuition donations and/or living stipends.



The Win for Local Churches and Ministries


  • Meaningful service contributions
  • Fills gap between volunteers and full time employees
  • Can ‘silo’ specific people into roles not requiring a full time employee (i.e. Jr. High Pastor, Volunteer Coordinator)
  • Mentoring impact on next generation of leaders
  • A sustainable staffing model


The Win for Students

  • Needed service-learning skills
  • “Boots in the Street Experience” – Develop a practical philosophy of ministry
  • Build ministry connections
  • Eliminates Tuition Debt


The Win for Denver Seminary


  • More competent and experienced graduates
  • Able to offer 10% tuition discount
  • Able to offer your Residency role to students
  • Students graduating without tuition debt




  • Identify meaningful Resident roles
  • Identify student tuition benefit and living stipend
  • Have Denver Seminary market the position to its students
  • Organization vets candidates via interviews for spiritual maturity, strong character, ministry skills, career goals, references, and employment experience and identifies candidate
  • Submit contract to our office



The Resident will participate with an organization for two-four years to be maintained in the form of renewable, one-year agreements. While the intention is for the Resident to complete the program, this plan would allow the ministry and the Resident mutual discernment to choose to renew or not to renew the agreement annually or by semester.


Residency Director

Dan MacLeay


6399 S. Santa Fe Dr., Littleton, CO 80120


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