FOQ’s:  Freaking Out Questions

There are a lot of questions around student loans that some are afraid to ask. Let’s start addressing those here. We’re going to organize them into several categories:


How much will my loans costs me once I graduate?

Can I count on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness plan?

Can I afford to make the payments once I graduate?

Will Income Based Repayment make my loans affordable?

– If I don’t borrow money to go to school, how can I eat and live?

Besides borrowing money, what are some other ways I can pay for school?


I’m scared if I have debt, it will change my plans to have children or get married.

–  Will student loans affect my ability to buy a home?

– Why is debt a big deal for a young couple?


How will debt affect the my future income?

I want to serve in a low paying, justice based career. How much debt is ok?

– I want to start a private counseling practice or open a new non-profit. Can I afford to do that?

Will my debt loan affect the type of job I take once I graduate?

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