Free Webinar on Retirement for Pastors

From the event organizers:

“I’m pleased to announce we are hosting a free webinar at 12pm (Eastern) on Thursday, October 5, with attorney Richard Hammar on a critical topic: retirement planning for pastors.

Unfortunately, statistics from the National Association of Evangelicals suggest that few pastors adequately save for their retirement years. Often, it’s because the pastors and their church boards don’t know where to begin. In this one-hour presentation, Rich will cover key topics that pastors and boards should know with respect to the various plan options, how they work, and how to navigate the legal and tax implications of each. The material will be relevant to pastors at any stage of the career spectrum (early-, mid-, or late-stage). And perhaps most importantly, the information will be offered in a completely neutral manner, providing pastors and boards with an objective perspective that aids their planning and decision-making.

The registration link is

If you want more background information, this free blog post explains the event further:


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