Elections and Change

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Shortly after the 2002 elections, I remember being optimistic that we might see some real change on several conservative key issues. Republicans had just won several swing seats and took a majority in the Senate. They already owned a majority in the House and had a very conservative George W. Bush in the presidency for the next 6 years.

Near the end of 2007 I distinctly remember President Obama’s acceptance speech in Grant Park where he famously proclaimed his administration’s CHANGE with the affirmation “Yes we can”. It was a great speech. Democrats controlled the House and Senate for the next four years.

I remember telling my wife on that night 8 years ago that there were a lot people putting their hope in this man to make their lives better. It’s a hope that no human being can fulfill.

At the risk of sounding like a self-help guru, “If it’s to be it’s up to me.”

The night of November 8th there will be a lot of disappointed people and worse there will be a lot of happy people that think they accomplished something.

I’m reading “Getting Things Done” and came across this about making a change and getting something accomplished:

 …anything personal or professional, big or little, of urgent or minor importance, that you think ought to be different than it currently is and that you have any level of internal commitment to changing.

 There it is. The key to my success and happiness and meeting my goals (financial and otherwise) is summoning the burst of energy needed to make a decision about what needs to change (getting sick and tired) and making an Internal Commitment to Changing (mad as hell and not going to take it anymore).

It sure isn’t in this election.

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