Year End Reporting

$2 bill logoThis post is a quick thank you and recap of 2015. It was my first full year of blogging. I first wrote a brief personal blog in 2007 or so, but really haven’t done anything close to this much writing in my career before.

This year I published 43 blog posts. That is right on my goal of once per week (minus breaks due to travel). My written goal is 45 posts in 2016.

We had 1,420 total unique visitors in 2016 with 1,867 views. This has very slowly and gradually been increasing.

We have had gradually increasing unique visitors every month since June.

This has been my most popular post, because there have been a few people that bumped into it through a google search related to the main story of the post.

I have some big goals for 2016. I think writing is really a skill that’s developed by writing thousands of words – nobody is born with the ‘writing gene’. I really have two main objectives:

  • I hope I’ll continue to improve my writing by developing a voice that is increasingly relevant to the reader. I’m building some feedback loops and I hope I’ll continue to hone this craft.
  • I’ll work on creative delivery solutions for this content. I’m work-shopping several ideas that should be live by summer, and I’m really excited about those.

Thank you for your readership. I appreciate it. I hope I can continue to serve you this year.

If there are topics you’d like me to research and see covered, please email me at

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