Jar of money

When I meet with students and young couples, the number one thing we work on is putting together a super quick, easy, zero based budget.

Despite my love of finance, I’m more of a ‘Free Spirit’ than a ‘Nerd‘, so budgeting has always been a challenge for me. This year, practicing the discipline of doing a zero based budget every single time our family has  income is going to be my most important financial priority.

I’ve long believed Dave Ramsey is the most PRACTICAL financial teacher in the world. He doesn’t just teach you financial principles, he actually lays out a plan that everyone can follow to get there. You might disagree with his plan (Baby Steps), but the reality is that most financial teachers won’t actually put their principles in simple black and white instructions, and most of us don’t actually have a written financial plan we are truly following.

If you are going make a new years resolution to do a better job budgeting this year, here is a PDF outlining Ramsey’s basics for budgeting and answering the most common questions.

DOWNLOAD:  DAVE RAMSEY guide-to-budgeting

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