DramaAn executive producer from a hit TV series was talking last week on a podcast and he said what really drives him is telling great stories of human drama. What, he was asked, is great human drama?

Two things make great drama: Someone that wants something very badly and great obstacles in their path to that objective.

When talking about growing student loan balances and impending student debt burdens, the conversation usually degrades into math and budgeting. I’m realizing these are not very compelling stories.

We need to communicate great stories about a noble goal achieved through great sacrifice.

Graduating Seminary as a future minister without a crippling student loan burden IS a noble and worthwhile goal. We need to celebrate that desire.

The path to that goal is littered with obstacles – materialism, living expenses, easy debt, low wages, limited time, tuition, and many more.

But there are some that are able to navigate those waters through frugality, living with an older couple, avoiding debt, working multiple jobs, avoiding TV, managing class loads, and more.

Those stories are exciting and worth telling.

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