Plans for 2015

Who says you can’t predict the future!

*(whispers in ear “God”)*

Oh. Well. Lord willing, here is what the Ministry Residency Program at Denver Seminary is pushing towards this year:

Ministry Residency Program:

  • 40 filled residencies with 20 partners.
  • Refine the ‘marketing’ plan to alert students of open positions.
  • Refine our existing systems, including paperwork, setting written guidelines on the hours/tuition donations and reviews of our partnership agreements.
  • Newsletter to the existing residents to build program awareness, community, and networking for open positions.
  • Put our refined systems into a handbook with the forms, processes, and plans needed to run the program.

Student Coaching:

  • Market one-on-one coaching to the student body.
  • Promote our “$1,000 less per semester” campaign to the student body to cultivate a culture of debt free living.
  • Expand our ‘Speed Bumps’ program with Financial Aid to include all students hitting specific total accumulated debt thresholds. Counsel those students on the two big questions ATS says most students don’t understand:
    • What will my payment be when I graduate?
    • How much can I expect my income to be?
  • Website:
    • Continue to use this as an agent of cultural change – writing articles that show the long term benefits of less/no debt and offer specific strategies on how to do it.
    • Improve the technical aspects of appearance, flow, etc.

Feel free to email me your thoughts:

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